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What does Pandon represent?


Young artists - writers, authors, songwriters, composers, lyricists, poets

The vision of Pandon is to provide an online platform for young writers, composers, lyricists, songwriters, poets, writers, authors to showcase their work safely with the world. This will enable young people to be inspired, attract attention for their work and bring possibilities with access to a network with other young artists to collaborate across the artistic spectrum and other cultures.

Pandon can provide experienced mentoring for young people of all disciplines as they look to expand their artistic output and provide advice on the next steps. Mentoring is available now please enquire via email.

Young Brass Players

Pandon is intrinsically linked to education in all that it undertakes so as well as providing a platform for creative young writers (as listed above) it seeks to provide young brass players with the opportunity to perform alongside professional musicians in concerts and recordings gaining valuable CV experience. Added to this are opportunities for young brass players to learn from some of the finest brass musicians in the uk on skills days, courses and linking young brass players with opportunities on a national and international level.


Pandon is also the publishing, sales and copyright arm for Paul Denegri's compositions, musicals and arrangements, Pandon also provides the opportunity for works other than by Paul Denegri to be published.

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