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'Minds' was started in the late summer of 2019 and completed by October of the same year.

It did not start life as a piece composed because of inspiration or by cold request it was composed because of a necessity of release. The prequel to the first sketches being undertaken was a reflection of a ten minute state of mind that occurred. It would be impossible to betray the depth of each of the emotions that were experienced in that ten minute spell but instead 'Minds' depicts the extreme tempo changes of the mind as it tried to grapple with its own strengths and failings.


The scoring of trumpet and timpani was not embryonic in any way but deliberate as the trumpet represents the unseeing and untouchable vocal or inner voice of the mind. The timpani as the very touchable and much more understood physiological parts of the body. The mind has to work with the body in harmony but they are often not always in tandem. Even in that ten minute spell the mind took control of physical feelings and ran emotions like express trains, with the body seemingly redundant but able at times very suddenly to pull back to calm and sensibility. The timpani is the very function of the heart, the trumpet the emotion. 






Trumpet and Timpani, trumpet parts available in C or Bb



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